Our Powders

What is coloured powder?

Traditionally coloured throwing powder is used during the Hindu festival of Holi where participants cover each other with the coloured powders. Holi celebrates the beginning of spring as well as the triumph of good over evil.

This is why you will hear colour powder referred to as Holi Powder. The Hindu’s believe that when everyone is covered in colour powder the differences between people can’t be seen any more, and bonds are strengthened.

Colour powder is exactly what the name suggests. It is made from cornflour and food grade colour dyes.

Uses for colour powder

Our customers use Quality Coloured Powder to add vitality and fun to a huge variety of activities such as:

  • fun runs
  • birthday parties
  • obstacle courses
  • gymnastics/flipping
  • dance/music festivals and performances
  • gender reveals
  • video and photo shoots
  • multimedia marketing and promotions
  • scattering of ashes
  • skydiving

This is just to name a few……the only limit to the colour fun is your imagination

Colours and sizes

Quality Coloured Powder is the only speciality colour powder supplier in New Zealand with a HUGE amount of stock warehoused in Auckland.

To keep things simple we have the 7 colours of the rainbow, all available in 3 sizes.









Bag sizes:


1 kilogram

5 kilogram

Why quality is so important

In our experience it’s mostly children that enjoy running around, having stuff thrown at them and generally getting messy – they LOVE coloured powder!!  As teachers and parents ourselves, we wouldn’t want our kids or students being exposed to anything that could potentially harm them or the environment. This is why the quality of our colour powder is REALLY important.

At Quality Coloured Powder we go to great lengths to source only quality coloured powder. Our powder is 100% natural, made only from cornflour and food dyes. Our powders are non-toxic to humans, animals and the environment.

The proud manufacturer of our powder is Kindgom of Color. They have been distributing Holi powder worldwide for many years and have passed the following certifications/tests for the powder available from Quality Coloured Powder in New Zealand:

  • VDI 2263 (1) EU Non Flame / Explosive test
  • EU Cosmetic regulation 1223 / 2009
  • OSHA Non Flame / Explosive test USA / South America
  • SGS United Kingdom: Toxicological Risk Assessment
  • SGS: No heavy metals
  • FDA (USA) Approved
  • ISO manufacturing certificate 22716:2007

Be careful of cheap imitations

Cheap colour powder can contain talc, paint, rice, chalk, synthetic fragrances and heavy metals. Often these powders come from China where it is unknown what conditions it was produced in.

We recommend avoiding these cheaper powders as they can cause nasty skin irritations and potentially harm the environment when released into soil and water.

You will know a cheap colour powder from the feel and colour. On your skin the powder will feel clumpy, sticky and/or chalky. The colours will appear unnaturally bright and are likely to stain hair, skin and clothes.