Crazy Colour Parties

Add a splash of colour to your next party or celebration

Turn up the fun on kids parties with coloured powder

Coloured powders are an easy way to make a celebration extravagant and memorable. What’s more they can be used for parties of all occasions.


It’s becoming common for birthday party organisers to integrate the powders into traditional party games.

Some fun examples:

  • Make Colour Powder Bath Bombs following our simple instructions, each party guest goes home with one as a party gift
  • Play musical statues and throw the powders on the most enthusiastic dancers
  • Set up an obstacle course and throw powders at the children as balance, crawl, jump to complete it
  • Colour fight for a set period of time. The child with the least amount of powder on them at the end is the winner
  • Set up to play “duck, duck, goose” give the child who is in a handful of powder, instead of tapping the child when calling “goose” the child throws the powder on the child’s back

Decorate the party area with streamers and balloons. Ask the children to wear white and consider supplying the guests with a cheap pair of sunglasses – these could be part of the party bags.


Previous customers have raved about how coloured powders were used at their teenager and young adult parties.

Some cool examples are:

  • Make Colour Powder Bath Bombs following our simple instructions, each party guest goes home with one as a party gift
  • Give each guest a blown up balloon with colour powder inside. Challenge them to pop the balloons just using their bodies
  • An unstructured colour powder fight followed by a water fight
  • Dance party with a simultaneous colour throw to music
  • Instagram photo contest, give each small group of friends a few packets of coloured powder and 10mins to go take an imaginative and creative instagram-worthy photo of themselves with the powder

Combine these ideas with fun costumes and the freedom to express themselves. The smiles and laughter are unforgettable.

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Most importantly have a photographer ready to capture every moment!

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