Do-It-Yourself School Colour Run

Students, staff and parents getting colourful together

Do something different at your school

Over the last few years hundreds of teachers and parents have organised Colour Runs at schools across Australia. School colour runs are consistently voted the most enjoyable day of the school year by both students and staff.

Do something different! Add colour and excitement to your next fundraiser, school cross country, walk-a-thon or school celebration. The students will remember it forever.

Unique to your school

There is no do’s or don’ts; no right or wrong way to hold a school colour run. The people that know what will work best at a school are parents and teachers, let your imagination go wild with ideas of what your students will enjoy.

We can help you get started

We are teachers who have organised enormously successful Colour Runs at our schools and gone on to help many others do the same.

Armed with our free Do-it-Yourself Organiser Guide, you have the flexibility to create an event of any size (small or large). Your focus can be fundraising, educational (event planning), increasing physical activity or having lots of fun! As teachers ourselves, we understand the many of considerations one must take when working with students. We have included items such as permission notes, risk assessment and council action plans (if held outside of school property), and lots of tips to make your event successful.

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